Griffith, Ballard & Company strives to go beyond simply being an actuarial services provider, instead participating as a fully integrated partner in our clients’ financial reporting and operations management process.

Typically, one of our actuaries is involved in strategic and marketing planning on an ongoing basis, developing product and operations management strategies which achieve the company’s or society’s long-term goals. The full resources of the GBC actuarial staff are available to be utilized in whatever capacity is required -- from compiling projections and profitability analyses to home office policy administration tutorials for more complex products to PC-based sales proposal system design. Because of our shared investment in our clients’ success, our support extends beyond any single project or delivery date, including periodic illustration testing-driven product portfolio review and long-term solvency testing.

GBC provides services relating to all phases of life insurance actuarial consulting, including:

  • life and health product development
  • complete assembly of Statutory and GAAP-adjusted financial statements
  • asset/liability matching and investment strategy reporting
  • asset adequacy testing
  • illustration actuary testing/reporting
  • actuarial appraisal valuations
  • assistance with ongoing product management
  • management reporting regarding financial operating results and forecasts
  • development of Statutory, GAAP and Federal Income Tax reserving procedures and factors
  • integration of new products with marketing and administrative systems

At Griffith, Ballard & Company, our goal is to bring to the table the full palette of actuarial service offerings, while providing management an informed, client-focused resource for financial reporting and comprehensive operations analysis.