Network Microdesigns Corporation provides its clients customized insurance sales solutions for both Internet and offline situations via Lifebase™, a fully integrated system providing both the agent and home office with a variety of sales facilitation and support tools, specializing in:

  • Universal Life
  • Interest Sensitive Life
  • Traditional Permanent and Term Life
  • Group Term and Group Re-rating
  • Flexible and Single Pay Fixed Deferred Annuities
  • Income Annuity, Structured Settlement and Settlement Options

Featured services include:

  • Proposal
  • Inforce illustration
  • Electronic application with e-signature
  • Information bureau interface (such as MIB)
  • Home office interface
  • Policy contract issue and printing solutions
  • Custom home office solutions

Advanced Sales Concepts:

  • Needs Analysis for Insurance and Retirement
  • Financial Calculators including Tax Deferral and Roth Conversion/Comparison
  • Split Annuity Illustrations
  • Pension Maximization
  • Combined Product Illustrations
  • Business Valuation
  • Alternative Investment Analysis
  • Employer/Employee Insurance Programs