UPDATE: GBC Whitepaper: Interpreting and Preparing for Changes to IRC 7702 and 7702A Affecting Life Insurance Issued on or after January 1, 2021

November Update: Valuation Interest Rate Changes for Life and Annuities [more..]

REVISED: GBC Whitepaper addressing Emerging Developments on Interest Rates Affecting 2021 Life Insurance Issues

GBC Whitepaper regarding Principles Based Reservering and the impact it will have on insurers

Griffith, Ballard & Company is the oldest continuously run actuarial consulting firm in the United States, specializing in management consulting and financial reporting for life insurance companies and fraternal benefit societies.

Network Microdesigns Corporation is an insurance software firm providing client-specific sales solutions through its flexible and customizable Lifebase™ platform.

Together, our companies are strategically positioned to meet the varied needs of the life insurance and annuity provider marketplace – delivering product development, sales and marketing, valuation and regulatory compliance solutions via one integrated business-to-business relationship.